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Optimizing Java Development with Unlogged: Shortening Dev-Test-Fix Cycles

When 2023-12-12 | 18:30:00  
Event Title Optimizing Java Development with Unlogged: Shortening Dev-Test-Fix Cycles
Presenter Shardul Lavekar
Where Manifest Solutions
Event description:


Join us for a practical exploration of Unlogged, a tool designed to streamline Java development by addressing the challenges of regression costs. According to global productivity and quality analyses, the expense of a production bug is a staggering 640 times higher than in the development phase. Unlogged is on a mission to mitigate this by enabling developers to replay production traffic locally.

In this talk, we’ll delve into actionable insights, covering essential aspects that enable developers to:

  1. Automatically record and replay method input and return values.
  2. Implement custom assertions around the replays to enhance testing precision.
  3. Mocking external dependencies for more controlled testing environments.
  4. Integrate replay tests into Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines in both unit and integration modes.

Walk away with practical knowledge to implement strategies that ensure 0 regressions with minimal effort.

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Shardul is a 2nd-time entrepreneur with a track record of building several production-grade applications. His entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of a vernacular speech translation engine and an optical character recognition system tailored for India. Notably, Shardul successfully sold the intellectual property rights of these innovations to Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator in Asia.

Drawing from his experiences, particularly the challenges of Black Friday and big billion-day deployments, Shardul aims to develop a product that could ensure zero regressions even before code commit. In pursuit of this goal, he, along with his co-founder, created Unlogged—an open-source tool that lets developers replay production traffic locally. Through Unlogged, Shardul aims to provide a solution that speeds up deployments and ensures 0 regressions, with minimal effort.

Venue Manifest Solutions
Street address 2035 Riverside Drive Upper Arlington OH 43221

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